Fougou – Further from the Centre of Disturbance

It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to announce that the second full-length album by Fougou, the duo of Matthew Shaw and me, has been released on Greengage Sounds. The label is run by our friends HK and Nan out of Houston, TX. The album is truly Further from the Centre of Disturbance. You can stream the entirety of the album here – and of … Continue reading Fougou – Further from the Centre of Disturbance

An apology

With some sadness, I learned yesterday that Suburban Electrification is not going to be released as originally intended. To those of you who bought it from the label, I’m grateful, but I’m also sorry to disappoint you. I understand refunds will be given. For others who were keen to hear the album, I’ve taken the decision to make it available for free download. There’s an … Continue reading An apology


This is a new piece, which I put together from three separate field recordings of rooms at home, available free for stream or download. It’s quite dense (and lengthy – 28 minutes) but uses very little by way of extras: there’s only minimal EQ and gain applied. I’m not sure what to think of the finished article… Continue reading 3Kammer


My new tape, Amulets, is now available to purchase direct from Digitalis here. It’s in the last batch of tapes on the label and I’m delighted to be part of their roster. Brad has also uploaded the final track on the album, The Realm of Semblance, for streaming on SoundCloud. I’m hoping to have some copies soon. Continue reading Amulets

900 Years

Thanks to Brad Rose, you can now stream the opening track from my forthcoming tape album Amulets on Digitalis Limited. Amulets will be in what is apparently the last batch of tapes from Digitalis, to be released very soon. An end of an era, perhaps, but one in which I’m proud to have been involved. Here’s the composite image of the eight sleeves of this … Continue reading 900 Years

Radia; 2012; and February tomorrow

It’s been a while since I posted; but rest assured there are quite a few things happening around these parts. o ONE: I’m delighted to say there’s a new release available to order on Dust, Unsettled. This is a wonderful new album by Glenn Bach entitled Radia. Here’s how Glenn describes the album: With this new project, Radia, Glenn Bach builds quiet soundscapes from guitar … Continue reading Radia; 2012; and February tomorrow